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Challenges, struggles & Obstacles


Become The best Version of Yourself! 

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Overcome Your Health Obstacles!

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Make The Choice!

Lose Weight!

Change Your Life!

Gain Confidence!

Feel Energized!

Stress Less!


Here's What You Get When You Choose To Join a Weight Loss Class:


- MindStrong Weight Loss Dietary Guidelines 

- Accountability & Advice to get through your struggles

- Support & Friendship from the MindStrong community

- Learn from an experienced Coach! 125-lb lost!


     I'm Coach Santiago Marquez, the founder of MindStrong Weight Loss. I have successfully battled obesity to lose 125 lbs

and I've been able to keep it off for over the last 8 years! 

     If you feel any way like I did when I was over 300 lbs, then you might feel like playing with your kids is difficult and tiring. Or maybe you dislike looking at yourself, so you avoid mirrors and seeing pictures you’re in. The limitations of obesity made me ashamed of myself, depressed and turned me into someone I didn't like to be. So I decided to make a change and never look back.
By documenting my weight loss journey and then going on to teach Physical Education for 6 years, it has equipped me to be your best weight loss coach. Because of my own experiences in my journey, I have gained and converted all the health knowledge, wisdom, skills to create the MindStrong philosophy to motivate and help YOU be successful in your weight loss goals! 
     I am committed to help you Lose the Weight you want to lose so you can feel better in the body you live in! Because of my great obstacle, I have gained great strength and I now specialize in building willpower to help you break away from what’s holding you back to get you moving toward being the best version of yourself.

I care about you and believe in you to make a good change for yourself.


Only you can make the decision to make yourself better.

Choose to be MindStrong and let’s do it together!

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In order to change any habit, you need to be aware of the habit that needs change. 

Your MINDSTRONG coach will make you more aware so you can change unwanted bad habits into good habits.

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To be successful, you must be fully prepared with a plan.

Your MINDSTRONG coach will prepare you to take on any challenges in your path and make adjustments when necessary.

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Celebrate victories and stay prepared for your next obstacle.

Your MINDSTRONG coach will highlight your victories while keeping you focused on the new challenges at your new level.

What Makes Weight Loss So Difficult?

In today's world, majority of people want things FAST, EASY & CONVENIENT!
But our health doesn't work that way! 
Replacing lazy & unhealthy habits with active & healthy habits takes plenty of time, mental energy, practice & accountability in order to get achieve and maintain a strong healthy body.
MindStrong will help you get through this crazy tricky obstacle c
ourse called "Life" so you can
Lose Weight Successfully & Keep It Off!

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"We all have a super power that not even god can take away!
Make the Powerful Choice to make Your Life Better!

It'll be the Best Decision you ever made!

Let's Do This Together!"

Coach Santi
(125 Pounds Lost)
Founder of Mindstrong Weight Loss Coaching

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