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Weight Loss and Life's Obstacle Course

With unhealthy foods being at the height of power in today's age, every food choice we make has an impact on our future, whether we like to believe it or not. We know that if we were to make a continuous run of unhealthy food choices that we would eventually end up carrying more weight than we'd like and feeling more tired, winded and un-energized most of the time. That is our body's way of saying that that the choices we're making lately are junky!

Imagine the internal strength you'd gain by consistently saying "NO" to what you know is bad for you and "YES" to the foods that you know are good for you. You probably feel the sense of accomplishment building up inside you just by imagining yourself denying a donut for some apple slices. Imagine yourself with a new sense of energy that you haven't felt in years. You build momentum by making consistent healthy choices and in this obstacle course called life, you're going to need as much momentum as you can build for some of the larger struggles that life throws our way. For example, would you be able to stick to your weight loss goals in the midst of a personal injury or would you succumb to the emotions and fall into your old unhealthy ways? Challenges and struggles in life will happen to us all, whther we are good or bad, and we must be ready for them as they come. Every health choice we make is an obstacle and it always helps to have like-minded people to rely on in the midst of your endeavor and while facing the struggles that life lays in our paths.


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