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What is WILLPOWER? 3 Ways To Make it Stronger!

We all have a will. Our will is what makes us take action after we made a decision. So when you decide to go for an evening walk, it's your will that gets you up and out the door. If a person has an iron will, that just means when they set a goal, they don't let anything stop them from achieving it and they stay focused on the path towards their goal. Now a weak-willed person on the other hand, either hesitates to act or doesn't even take action on their own decision they make. A weak-willed person is usually indecisive and easily persuaded since they don't have their mind made up most of the time. A trait amongst the weak-willed is they too often have ideas and talks of big goals, but will easily give up on them once the thought of a complication comes to mind and then eventually forget about them. Success requires a will that is determined to take necessary action, doesn't avoid problems but solves them, is willing to take on challenges along the way and is persistent to push through until the missi