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MindStrong Weight Loss Challenge

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Who is the challenge for?

The MindStrong Weight Loss Challenge is for those who want to lose weight, be healthier or simply need more Information, Guidance, Accountability & Support!

The Challenge is a MUST for you if you:

- Can't beat your sweet-tooth or overeating habits!

- Don't know which foods are best for healthy weight loss

- cringe at the thought of exercising!

- lack the energy to do things you would really want to do!

- sick and tired of feeling held back by your body's limitations!

- want knowledgeable Support &

- Need Accountability to stay on track! You'll definitely make new friends!

- Feel a little lost and don't know where to begin!


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After losing 130 lbs and 10 years passing, I still can't believe is used to constantly have feelings like this. Thoughts of wanting to start, but pulling back after a few quick negative thoughts. I've spent enough years AVOIDING mirrors, pictures, friends, my own health issues and many challenges in my life! Plus I still remember all the feelings that follow.


So, trust me, I get it! And I can help because not only have I escaped from my future filled with unhappiness and regret, but I have overcome the same obstacles you’re currently facing! I’ve beat the odds and avoided the weight regain like the majority!

I'm commiited to be your best resource and coach to help you become the best version of yourself!

Let's take the first step! I'm here for you!

-Coach Santi

How long does the challenge last?

That all depends on YOU! And this is where we get a little deep, so get ready for some questions. Your answer to these upcoming questions can give you perspective and help you determine how long your challenge is.

1. How long do you realistically expect yourself to live? (We are a part of nature and can't live forever)

2. If you didn't make any changes and continued living the way you do, how long can you expect to live your life?

MindStrong believes in setting SMART goals! And when it comes to weight loss, it isn't so smart to try to lose weight fast and easy. 

The best goals are long-term! Why? Well it depends on the answer to this question...

Here's what you get in every MindStrong Group Coaching Session!

  • The MindStrong Weight Loss Rules you follow to lead you to being your best self!

  • Strategies you can immediately practice and apply to overcome bad habits like overeating during mealtimes, eating sweets & junky food, snacking too much, eating unhealthy foods, not getting enough physical activity during your day, and more! 

  • Relatable stories and lessons to learn and gain wisdom through the experiences of others

  • Motivation to get moving

  • knowledge to move forward with confidence

  • Friendly Support and honest Accountability from your coach and fellow MindStrongers!  

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