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Learn The
MindStrong Philosophy
To become the best you!

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Most people know what it takes,
but need more support to get it done!

MindStrong is here to help you
stay on your right path!


Membership & Coaching Plans

  • Mega MindStrong

    Every month
    Personal Coaching to plan for your specific needs/goals
    • Book up to 5 one-hour sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching month!
    • Learn wisdom and techniques to successfully lose weight
    • Customized plan of action geared towards your specific goals
    • MindStrong Weight Loss Dietary Guidelines
    • MindStrong Morning Mantra
  • Super MindStrong

    Every month
    Wisdom, Support, Friendship, Accountability, Understanding
    • Up to 10 sessions 1-on-1 Coaching each month
    • Learn wisdom and techniques to successfully lose weight
    • Create exercise and meal plan with your coach
    • Break down & break through struggles with your coach
    • Make adjustments to your plan when necessary
    • Get a new best friend that wants you to succeed!
    • 1-hour coaching sessions
  • MindStrong Weekly

    Every week
    Set up for weekly payments for MindStrong 1-on-1 Coaching
    • Weekly 1-on-1 MindStrong sessions - At Gym or via Zoom
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Message from Coach Santi:
"I have lived many uncomfortable years obese over 300 lbs., so I have a good understanding of the challenges and struggles you're facing. I still remember how I felt from the constantly uncomfortable clothes, avoiding mirrors because I was ashamed of myself, to not being able to play with my child. I've struggled and I know you have your own personal struggles that I'm confident to help you get through.

I care about you and your goals! And I take it as my personal responsibility to show you how to lose the weight you want to lose, and to keep it lost forever while becoming a mentally and physically stronger version of yourself in the process!"

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